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DIVERSITY is the word that better defines us.

In Girona do not expect to find a single landscape, neither a light, nor a type of vegetation... What you will find is a mass of landscapes that will change as you advance in one or another direction. As in a kaleidoscope, your senses will receive an avalanche of sensations, shapes , colours... And the eyes will not be alone, also your hearing, your sense of smell, your skin, and your heart will be the receivers of a bunch of impacts capable of generating the most pleasant emotions and the most diverse experiences.

Enjoy rural tourism in Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees! Book charming country cottages or stay in a farm B&B. A paradise one hour north from Barcelona.

The Costa Brava and the Pyrenees of Girona

Do not be surprised if your spirit of adventure and your yearning for discovery are reborn after your arrival in this land near Barcelona, on the northeast of Spain.

Indeed, this instinct would not differ greatly from the spirit that led the Greeks and Romans to explore the width and breadth of the lands that stretch from the Costa Brava to the Pyrenees and to stablish settlements there.

Allow us to be so bold as tu suggest that you organise your discovery experience through thematic routes: the seafaring towns, locales with a historic personality, the Greek and Roman remains, the Romanesque Route, the Dalí Triangle, the mountain villages, the interiour landscapes, charming towns, botanical gardens, natural parks… and so on, in an endless range of possibilities that will allow you to organise a thematic visit that will, inevitably, lead to the conclusion that perhaps there are many ways of taking a holiday, but only one way to enjoy them to the fullest: visiting the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona without forget the centrepiece of this intertwined array of variations and contrasts is logically, the city of Girona.
More than a thousand years of culture and history contemplate this small and charming city.

The tourist interest of the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona extends for beyond the attactions of an offer based on the mildness of the Mediterranean climate, the beaches with their cristal-clear water and the diversity of the landscapes formed by valleys and mountains.

The great ecological and scenic riches of the regions of Girona have enabled the creation of numerous protected spaces 30% of the total surface area with autochthonous flora and fauna of incalculable value. Natural Parks in the sea and in land, refuge for all manner of animal species which live amidst a pristine, contrast –filled natural setting. Vistas of incomparable beauty which conceal tiny villages with centuries of history and one of the most important monumental legacies of Europe. From the warm, transparent waters of the Costa Brava to the lush valleys of the Pirineu de Girona, we discover an impressive catalogue of inexhaustible natural resources, a surprising ecological paradise that places within our grasp some of nature’s hidden secrets.

You probably tink that merely strolling along the shore, swimming, dancing or discovering a natural spot amidst high mountains, is a good way of getting exercice. Yes, but no! You need something more. Now get ready to discover another facet of this diamond that we offer the tourist: sports.

First of all, we offer you a great number of conventional sports facilities culminating in excellent golf courses selected by the European PGA Tour as training grounds for their pros.

Beyond that, Mother Nature offers an endless range of options for lovers of hiking, horseback riding, bicycle touring, or mountain-climbing, in addition to a series of water sports à la carte, from water-skiing to parasailing, from sailin to windsurfing.

For the main course we suggest scuba diving, in all its varieties, in some of our coastline’s most spectacular natural protected areas, like the Cap de Creus or the Medes islands natural parks. Ultralights, hang-glidersor mountain bikes yield their ascendance in winter to the infinite options provided by the ski resorts that are an enticement to all lovers of outdoor sports. Also, you can practise adventure sports like bungee jumping, canyoning or parachuting.